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You can start your shopping pleasure by quickly becoming a member of .

You can add the products you choose to your cart without being a member; however, you must be a member to purchase the products in your cart.

In order to continue as a member, you can access the Membership Form by clicking the "Register" button at the top right of the homepage. After completing the relevant fields and confirming the Membership Agreement and the Clarification Text, an e-mail will be sent to you stating that the membership process has been completed.


At , payment is only taken by credit card.

If you prefer to pay by credit card, you can complete the payment by typing your name, surname, card number, expiration date, 3-digit security number on the back of the card, and choosing the installment option you see fit.

When the payment is successful, your order is created and you will be directed to the confirmation page where you can see your order number.


After the products are added to the basket, a new address can be defined for the delivery and billing addresses of the products during the delivery phase, you can edit, change or delete the addresses you have defined.

After the payments are received, the ordered goods/services are delivered to the cargo within the delivery period. You can track the shipping status of your products on your account/orders page.

Orders placed as delivery to address on Sunday will be processed as of Monday. If the user cannot be found at the address specified in the system during the product delivery process by courier, a visit note is left to the user by the courier staff.

If one or more of the apparatus or accessories required to be taken out of the package in the product/products in your order are missing and a different product than the one you ordered has been sent, you can contact our customer service.

When the products you buy are shipped to be delivered to you, they are sent with the invoice.

You can cancel your order until it is delivered to the cargo company. After your order is delivered to the cargo company, changes cannot be made on the order. It is not possible to cancel orders placed by cargo. You can apply for the return procedure after the product reaches you.



You can return the product/products you have purchased within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery date without giving any reason:

For returns and exchanges, you must fill in the return request form below and deliver the product/s to the cargo company specified below to Arvato X2 warehouse Orhanlı Mah. Dostane Sok. No:14/1 Tuzla/ İstanbul . Aras Kargo Yurt İçi ve Yurt Dışı Taşımacılık A.Ş. If you give the "2131454551456 Return Code" to the company, the shipping fee will be covered by us and you will not need to provide the return address information.

Contracted Cargo Information: Aras Cargo Yurtiçi ve Yurtiliği Taşımacılık A.Ş.

2131454551456 You must specify the Return Code and Customer Order Number on the box of the products in a way that can be easily seen, read and not deleted by the relevant cargo officer, and that your package is sent to Arvato X2 depot Orhanlı Mah. Dostane Sok. No:14/1 Tuzla/ Istanbul on behalf of RubiBrands.

In the shipments you make with other companies other than the cargo company/companies above, the payment must be covered by you, otherwise the shipment will not be received.

The product must be undamaged, undamaged in its original package, box, packaging, complete with all accessories, unused or intact, and must be returned in its own special box, if any, as it was sent to you.

In case of noticeable damage, impact or breakage in the cargo package or product, you must have the cargo officer prepare a damage report. For damaged cargo, cargo officers are obliged to keep a record. In cases where the cargo officer does not issue documents, minutes or minutes, you can return the product to the officer without receiving it. If you do not have the damage assessment document issued, it is not possible to prove that the problem in the product is caused by the store or the cargo. Therefore, you must keep a record.

There is no legal right of withdrawal for the following Products, even if they have not been used:

Underwear, swimwear and bikini bottoms, make-up materials, disposable products, goods that are in danger of spoiling quickly or that are likely to expire, which are prepared in line with the BUYER's request or clearly personal needs and are not suitable for return, are delivered to the BUYER. Products that are not suitable for return in terms of health and hygiene if their packaging is opened by the BUYER after delivery, products that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature, Goods related to periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, except those provided under the subscription agreement, Instant performance in electronic environment Services provided or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer, as well as audio or video recordings, books, digital content, software programs, data recording and data storage devices, computer consumables, cannot be returned if the packaging has been opened by the BUYER. In addition, before the expiration of the right of withdrawal, it is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal regarding the services that have been started with the approval of the consumer.

If the invoice of the product is issued in the name of the institution, you must send it together with a return invoice issued by the institution for the return process, without including the cargo share, issued as 'Product Unit Price + VAT'; otherwise the product cannot be returned. This return form must also be filled in and sent with the return invoice.

Partial returns are not accepted for promotional or campaign products. In case of return, all products must be returned in bulk. In the event that one of the promotional or campaign products is returned, the promotional conditions will be eliminated and the non-promotional price will be applied for the non-refundable product.

If the product price is collected in order cancellations, it is paid to the customer in cash and in full within 14 (fourteen) days from the customer's notification of the cancellation. Refunds for credit card payments are also made by way of a refund to the customer's credit card.

When returning a product for which the shipping fee has been paid, only the amount of the product written on the invoice will be refunded; The shipping fee paid will not be refunded.

For questions about returns, you can call the Customer Service line at 0850 800 40 13 or you can get support by sending an e-mail to .




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